5 Reasons why Children prefer Artificial Grass

So many of our customers choose Artificial Grass as they want a safe and secure place that the whole family can enjoy year round. Obviously, it will stay green and needs little or no maintenance but we know it really will be a multifunctional space for the whole family to enjoy.

Children can play on artificial grass the entire year
Normal grass needs to be maintained and cut and in the winter it gets too muddy. Artificial grass doesn’t require those maintenance works; Once installed they can play on it all year round. Changes to climate have meant we have often experience milder temperatures through the winter months – how great it would be for the kids to get in the garden without coming back in covered with mud.

Artificial grass is soft and feels nice
These days, artificial grass feels really nice and soft; Children simply love playing on it. With natural grass during a hot summer dry spell the grass often feels relatively hard.

Artificial grass dries quicker
During spells of heavy rain natural grass stays wet for a longer time than artificial grass. Which simply dries quicker. Especially when the sun is shining. Just make sure they take cover from the rain, wait a little bit and then let them go back outside to play.

No grass stains
With Artificial Grass there is absolutely no chance of getting any nasty, almost impossible to remove green stains on your clothes. You and your children can dive and play around without fear.

You can put a pool on artificial grass
Yes, we know you can place a paddling pool on natural grass too, but when you remove the pool again after a couple of weeks, your lawn will be visibly and often permanently damaged. With Artificial grass the fibres will be flattened at first, but you can easily brush them back into their original state.

We know children simply love artificial grass. With so many families and children in particular spending too much time in front their TVs or game consoles then encouraging them to get outside in the fresh air must be a good thing. Sharing time, playing together on an artificial grass lawn installed by Consumer Grass can help make family time more enjoyable.

What could be better this summer (or winter) that sitting down with your loved ones for a Garden Party?

Thinking of switching to an artificial grass lawn? Contact us at Consumer Grass on 0121 716 0001 or book an appointment here and see what a difference an artificial lawn will make to your West Midlands home.