All you need to know about Artificial Grass and your Dog

While a beautiful natural lawn is certainly a wonderful asset to any home, it’s not easy to attain. You lawn lawns requires constant mowing during the growing season, regular weed treatments year-round, and annual over-seeding to stay lush and green. Then after all that hard work your best friend(s), i.e. your dogs can quickly turn your lush green oasis into a mud pit with hidden dangers, holes dug and grass-killing urine.
For those who don’t want to spend hours and hundreds of pounds trying to achieve the perfect natural lawn, the installation of an artificial grass lawn has become a very popular alternative. Artificial grass lawns stay green year round and can stand up to a dog’s abuse. A professionally installed artificial grass lawn is low-maintenance, requires no regular chemical treatments and they drain well.

So what do you need to look for with Dog Friendly Artificial Grass

Well firstly the base material is key when selecting the best artificial grass for dogs. The grass blades consist of either polyethylene or polypropylene to ensure it can hold up to foot traffic and harsh weather while resisting damage from pet urine. You then add to this Pile Height and Density, a lower pile will drain more quickly but has less cushioning. A higher pile height grass provides a plush cushioned fell and will last longer. In addition to pile height, grasses also vary in the density of the turf. Density is measured in turf face weight, which is determined by the turf’s weight in ounces per square metre. The higher a turf’s density, the springier and more durable it is. When choosing an artificial grass make sure it is able to resist the suns harmful UV rays which can quickly cause colours to fade

Finally, when considering Artificial Grass you have to think about when your pet relieves itself, it needs to go somewhere. Your chosen artificial grass should have holes in the backing which will allow the liquid to flow through to the ground beneath. Remember maintaining artificial grass requires little actual work, simply rinse it periodically with a garden hose.


Q. Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass? Yes, dogs can do their business on artificial grass just as they would on natural grass. Remember that with artificial grass draining, you don’t need to worry about cleaning urine, it will simply be washed away with rainwater.

Q. What thickness of artificial grass is best for dogs? Look for a pile height of around 25-30mm minimum. This allows enough cushioning but also makes it easier to clean up solid waste.

Q. How do I clean my artificial grass? Use a stiff brush to remove any leaves, dust, or dirt, sweeping against the grain to raise the grass upright. Then simply hose it down to ensure the grass has any remaining dirt removed.

Adam Hughes, Managing Director of Consumer Grass, commented “One of the best things about our job is the first time the owners pet runs on the new artificial grass.They simply love it ! !”

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