So spring is here and the glorious British summer is just around the corner. The current Covis 19 virus has forced many of us to cancel our planned holidays, and think about spending our summer at home. The lockdown has given us some time to start to freshen up our garden and get the barbecue ready for when we can start to get our friends back around.
We are often asked by customers how safe an artificial lawn is under the scorching sun or where your barbecue should be positioned. Consumer Grass, as artificial grass specialists, and the West Midlands leading installers of artificial grass, you have come to the right place fo the answers. 
Q. Will my lawn catch fire?
So all the Artificial Grass ranges installed by Consumer Grass are made from a high-quality synthetic material that is fire retardant – that said you should never expose your artificial grass to a naked flame; we have technical information documents which we will be happy to share with you. However like most products made from synthetic material although the grass will not burn, it will melt when exposed to high temperatures. 
Some sand-filled artificial grass can be rated as fireproof thanks to the sand acting as an extinguisher. We do strongly recommend that you avoid placing hot, flaming objects directly onto your lawn to prevent damage.
Q. Can i put my BBQ on the Artificial Grass?
It is highly recommended that all Barbecues, Pizza Ovens and fire pits are situated on a level hard standing base, such as paving slabs or a patio – this is help reduce the risk of damage to your artificial grass, but also makes it easier to ensure the safety of small children. It is common that your grass will get covered in crumbs and spillages, thankful your artificial grass is easy to clean (link to earlier article on cleaning your artificial grass).
Q. Can my artificial grass be repaired if it gets burned or melted?
To be honest – not really, there are not many cost-effective ways to repair your artificial grass, you may need to replace the damaged area with new grass. We will always try to identify potential risks when we install to minimise chances of this happening.

  1. Make sure you put all BBQs, Grills, Pizza Ovens, Fire Pits and Patio heater on a level, hard standing surface.
  2. Don’t use chemicals to clean your lawn – A simple watering with a hose should be enough or warm soapy water should do the job on any stains.
  3. Make sure your lawn stays clear of debris.
  4. If you smoke or your guests smoke then make sure there is an ash-tray at hand

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