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There’s reasons to switch to grass from Ideal Lawn Solutions for almost EVERYONE :

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  • No more slippery, muddy lawns,and  no more muddy children!
  • No more muddy shoes or dog pawprints to clean up!
  • Kids love our grass and every day is playtime in the rain or sunshine.
  • Our grass is durable and is designed to last.
  • The poor view of under the Trampoline where your lawn dies is now over!
  • Dogs and cats can laze or play happily on your soft new lawn.
  • You don’t need to water your artificial grass, so this solution is ideal where there are hosepipe/sprinkler ban areas. For those who are on water meters it also offers a saving; during warm weather it’s estimated that as much as 60% of residential water is used to irrigate lawns.

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  • No more replacing dead patches of grass.
  • Only very light maintenance is required once the grass is installed.
  • No more lugging the lawn mower around or finding a place to store it.
  • You can now get on that sunlounger instead of on your hands and knees to pull out weeds in the lawn.
  • Time is AND money is important. People want to use their time to relax and enjoy their garden, not be a slave in  it.
  • Our artificial grass will make your life easier and save you money in the long run by cutting the upkeep costs.
  • You won’t need to apply fertilisers or pesticides anymore that can be dangerous to you, your children and your pets, you are also helping the environment and saving yourself money.