Garden Trends For Summer 2021 in Birmingham

So let’s face it, 2020 and the start of 2021 was a year like no other. A result of COVID is that we have all had to spend more time at home and in our gardens; and people have started to use their gardens not only as a safe place for kids to play, hanging out the washing or maybe the odd BBQ (in between showers). However especially now we are starting to see the lifting of the Lockdown restrictions our gardens have become the social centre of our homes no matter the weather; no doubt you have seen photos on facebook of people meeting in gardens looking like arctic explorers.

So lets have a look at what we think will be the garden design trends for this summer for your homes in Birmingham and across the West Midlands:

The main garden trend that we have seen a rise in this year is outdoor living. We’re not talking about pitching up tents and moving outdoors. But we are talking about adding those little home comforts, styles and furnishings such as Outdoor rugs, beanbags, outdoor tables and chairs and pillows are all a great way to bring the indoors out.


Whilst this may sound like doom and gloom, grey gardens are actually the opposite! The grey trend has been around for a while, primarily inside the home. The concept is that you incorporate the colour grey, for example painting your fence grey, having grey garden furniture or accessories – then hitting it with vibrant colours – such as a stunning green artificial grass lawn. 


If you don’t know what it is, then you definitely will have seen it on newsfeeds or your social media feeds. Open-plan living is not just for inside of your home but the outside too. With our gardens being used for so many things, zoning is simply about separating this open space into sections.  


At the height of the pandemic, even the smallest garden spaces became important. By clever use of functional furniture, window boxes, wall gardens, artificial grass, and mini-grenhouses you can make even the most compact of spaces useful. 


Still perhaps the biggest growth area for garden landscaping in Birmingham and across the West Midlands. We know Artificial grass looks great, is hard wearing, pet friendly, child friendly and is practically maintenance free. The term ‘ artificial grass’ has tripled in popularity according to Google Trends – this suggests a clear surge in people looking to convert their garden with artificial grass.

Adam Hughes, Managing Director of Consumer Grass, commented “Maintaining a lawn can be a labour of love, so it’s no surprise that artificial grass is still growing in popularity in and around Birmingham. Artificial grass is simple and easy to clean; its actually less time consuming that caring for real grass; and pet friendly.

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