“How long will my new artificial grass last?” is a question we are often asked and it is a loaded question.

It depends” is the first answer that normally comes to mind, but hardly the best for the customer. There are several factors which affect artificial grass lifespan; understanding what they are, and how they contribute to wear and tear, will give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of durability.

So, let’s start with a general answer. As a general rule, you can expect your new synthetic lawn to last an average of about 20 years. The grass is designed to be UV resistant, so the colour of the blades won’t fade. The material, (polypropylene, polyethylene or polyamide yarns) is resistant to damage and eco-friendly. It also happens to be very resilient and flexible; that is why it retains its shape, coming back to life after each use. Any proper care and maintenance will ensure that your Artificial Lawn will last for many years.

Our Artificial Grass solutions which we supply to customers across the West Midlands come with our 10 Year Guarantee but we do fully expect our installs to last 20 years.

General Wear and Tear

How often your lawn is used has a lot to do with artificial grass lawns lifespan. Indirectly, it is affected by product type as well. Before deciding on your synthetic grass type, it is important to understand basic aspects of your lawn beforehand.

Asking the following questions will help:

What type of traffic does my lawn take on a regular basis? Do you have children who play sports, or pets that constantly play in your garden, you will need to make sure you select an artificial grass suited for that type of use. Higher quality products lengthen synthetic grass lifespan for your lawn. They are designed for heavier use and hold up really well to wear and tear.

On the contrary, if you seldom use your lawn, we offer a slightly lower grade artificial grass product may last just as long as one with higher quality. The determining factor is usage. The less use your lawn endures over time the longer it will last, no matter which type of product you use.


Maintenance is necessary to remove debris and keep your lawn looking natural and new. However, if you have pets, be mindful of the impact. More maintenance than necessary is required if you want your artificial lawn to last; our Garden designers try to handle this with you before the installation, we will go over the infill options and other solutions with regards to odour.

Once installed you can simply rinse the pet waste away, or pick it up, as needed. Proactive positioning in regard to wear and tear will extend your artificial lawns lifespan.

On the whole, synthetic grass requires very little maintenance. You may to rake it periodically to stand the blades up, rinse from time to time to remove dirt, debris and pet waste, and repair it occasionally as certain sections wear out.

Do those things and your lawn will last for 20-25 years. No more mowing, or fertilizer maintenance and several years of truly free artificial grass ownership.

Thinking of switching to an artificial grass lawn? Contact us at Consumer Grass on 0121 716 0001 or book an appointment here and see what a difference an artificial lawn will make to your West Midlands home.