How much does Artificial Grass Cost in Solihull?

Artificial Grass Supplier and Installers in Solihull

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • Low Maintenance

  • Safe for Children

  • Suitable for Pets

  • No Mud - No Mowing - No Watering

First and foremost, at Consumer Grass, we strongly reject and have never taken part in the fictional discount pricing model, whereby our competitors start with  a high first price – only then to reduce the price based on “amazing discounts’ or any other type of misleading sales techniques.

Our approach is very simple; we always take a full survey of your property in Solihull, and your specific requirements, and then provide you with the best solution to best meet your needs and your budget.

We price each piece of work as competitively as we can to allow for the full and correct installation, and then we understand that customers will always naturally strive to gain value for money and we ensure that all our processes are designed to achieve exactly that, any discounts then offered are based on the acceptance of our Marketing Package.

The price you should expect to pay for artificial grass is a topic that most people will (quite understandably) never think about – until the day they decide to invest in an artificial lawn for their own home.

At Consumer Grass we try to take all the mystery out of the pricing of our Artificial Lawn in Solihull; we clearly explain the product, the solution and the service you are buying, enabling you to best evaluate the whole package against competitors.

There is no standard price for Artificial Grass; the cost is always dependent on a number of factors which help meet your exact requirements.