Planning a Child Friendly Garden

So for many homeowners with children one of the most common challenges is how to have a garden that looks great but is fun and most importantly safe for your children.

We know safety comes first inside the home, we want our kids growing up in the safest environment that reduces risk of injury for our little ones. The garden is no different; we work extensively with families across the West Midlands at designing outside living spaces which are safe but engaging for the young ones. Here are some of our ideas:

Corner Play Areas

By using the corner of a garden for a traditional play area we create an area of the garden which ‘becomes theirs’. By framing it we help distinguish the area between play and the rest of the garden. By using rubber mulch or wood chip we create a softer landing for any trips or falls which might become them. By limiting the space we still have the rest of the garden to create that luxury living outdoor space we all crave.  Remember though children outgrow expensive equipment quickly, think more about investing in games and toys that can be used creatively outside.
Future Football Stars
Which child wouldn’t want their own Wembley Stadium in their back garden. By combining a simply pop-up goal with our award winning artificial grass we can create a year round space for future “messi’s” and “Ronaldo’s” to perfect their skills without them tramping mud throughout your house or your garden being churned to pieces. At Consumer Grass we have specialist artificial grass options which are perfect for rough play for games such as football, rugby, hockey and more
Playhouses and Lad/Dad-Sheds
If you have the space (and the budget) then think about something completely bespoke like a garden playhouse designed for your own childs needs. We always suggest that before you build it, think about how it can grow and or adapt as your children get older… A playhouse today > Lad/Dads Zone tomorrow. 
Think about ways to keep different area of the garden separate, we dont mean ugly mini fences, think about a nice low edge, or dense shrubs to break up areas.
Artificial Lawns
We touched on Artificial Grass lawns about but really the flexibility of artificial grass, used creatively can really help spark the imagination. Apart from being suitable for year round use without the mud and damage, an artificial lawn will help cushion any fall, and most importantly, because it requires minimum maintenance you will have far more time to play with and enjoy time with your family. 
So remember, you can have a garden that meets both your and your child’s needs, the area closest to the house should be the safest, here you will be able to see very young children at play even if you re not outside with them. If you only have a small garden and it isn’t large enough for ball games in simple terms you can’t change that, make their play more creative, you can always go to the local park to kick a ball about

We have a team of Garden Designers who will work with you to deliver the right solution for you and your family needs. Contact us at Consumer Grass on 0121 716 0001 or book an appointment here.