Three Ways to Add Value To Your Home

For many after spending more than a year at home or working from home, it’s should come as no surprise home renovations and DIY projects are continuing to skyrocket even as Covid measures are easing. A report by GoodMove said that 48% of homeovered refreshed their homes and gardens last year, spending an average of £1640.00 on improvements. For most of us the most expensive purchase we will ever make is a property, it thus makes sense to keep it in its best condition and by investing in home improvements can add value to your property. 

Your garden however can often be overlooked, but if you spend your money wisely you can expect to see an excellent return on your investment, and are especially key when you are looking to sell your property.
So to try to help you a little we have come up with Three Golden Garden Investments which should add value to your property
Despite the increase in the price of wood, decking can still be a cost effective way to create additional patio space in a garden, providing an even surface for entertaining or relaxing. Decking tends to feel less ‘harsh’ and ‘more natural’ than other kinds of hard standing surfaces such as block paving.
With the recent developments in composite plastic decking boards you are now getting to the stage whereby it is guaranteed up to 25 years.

Garden Structures

Build a Pergola – Pergolas are a fantastic way to create an interesting feature within a garden. These simple features can give your Patio the feel of being an outdoor room, and best of all can be fairly straightforward to install yourself. Again like decking, pergolas are now being constructed from composite fibres to give you a long-lasting investment.
Install Artificial Grass

Changing to an artificial grass on your garden is a great way to add value to your property.
Artificial Grass will look green and lush all year round, with the bonus of being almost maintenance free and you will be able to use it year round (i.e. No Mud!). This year round use makes it perfect for families and especially those with pets, our Artificial Grass is 100% pet friendly.
Having an artificial grass lawn on your West Midlands property need not be expensive, for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION contact us here

Investing your money in your garden can offer a great return on your investment. This investment will add additional value to your property, with the extra bonus that you can enjoy the benefits of your investment yourself.

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