Guide: The True Cost of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is still hugely popular as it provides a high quality, pet and child friendly lawn which is low maintenance. We are also seeing more of a call for it in the commercial environment within offices, retail space and at corporate events alongside being increasingly installed in Schools, Nurseries and Care Homes. 

Artificial grass comes in wide range of qualities and therefore at some very differing pricing points. At Consumer Grass we tend to use a 30-38mm pile height grass as standard, which is far superior to that of our competitors. We will always advise people against purely opting for the cheapest artificial grass option; a better quality grass whilst costing more will in the long-term need much less maintenance and last considerably longer.
The Iceberg Effect
The true cost of artificial grass is what you don’t see; it is in the correct preparation of the area and is more than just in the removal of your old lawn. Unfortunately we are asked to visit many properties who have used other companies and are asked to put right their work; inevitably the main problem is what the Artificial Grass has been laid on – normally poorly prepared base ground or cheap sub-base (if it has even been used).

Firstly we remove the existing lawn using a specialist turf cutter or potentially a digger depending on the install.  We take approximately 80-100mm of ground away which is more than most other companies (we have come across many installs where only 20mm has been taken away leaving no room for an adequate sub-base for the artificial grass to be laid on. We then level the area and look to remove all weeds, roots and other organic material, before laying a geotextile weed membrane over the entire area; if we feel the need we will also spray the whole area with a weed killer.

We then look to install a retaining edge which will hold the grass securely in place before applying a type 1 sub-base which is raked level and compacted, before applying a further layer of ‘Grano” dust which is also compacted – this will be level with the top of the retaining edge perimeter.

Laying the Grass

Rolls tend to be up to 5m in width, therefore for larger installs we will join the grass using specialist joining tape and glue bonding the grass together to form a seamless joint. Once rolled out the Artificial Grass is cut to shaped affixed to the retaining edges. This secures the grass. Finally we power brush your new lawn giving you the perfect finish.

So as you can see, the best investment would be in the knowledge that you know your lawn is being installed by an established supplier who know exactly that they are doing. A company who’s grass comes with a 10 Year Warranty as longer term the cheaper option might not be the wisest of investments.

Thinking of switching to an artificial grass lawn? Contact us at Consumer Grass on 0121 716 0001 or book an appointment here and see what a difference an artificial lawn will make to your West Midlands home.