The team at Consumer Grass are now working with a number of West Midlands schools and nurseries in installing artificial grass to their playgrounds and sports areas.

Artificial Grass is low-maintenance meaning that it saves vast maintenance costs and frees up time for the facilities management team to be spent on other areas of upkeep.

The main benefit is obviously that Artificial Grass play areas can be used all year round, and children simply love playing on it; no muddy clothes, just freedom to play in the fresh air. We have recently completed the installation of our Juniper Artificial Grass to a number of local schools and nurseries – they are finding that is it particularly suitable for schools and nurseries with limited space.


Child Friendly


No Mud


Low Maintenance

We recommend our Baby Valeria range of Artificial Grass as although this is more of a premier range, it also resilient to wear and tear and heavy use – in simple terms choosing a cheaper alternative will result in it needed to be replaced frequently, and thus cost more in the long term.

Children simply love playing on artificial grass so you need to consider the pile density (dense piles tend to stand up to wear and tear much better than more sparsely piled turf.) and pile thickness, with a preferred use of a mixture of polyethylene and polypropylene fibre yarns.

Our Artificial grass ranges are all naturally soft nature and nonabrasive properties mean that children can happily play on it all year round, without the risk of injury. We have also installed a foam underlay to certain areas to again minimise risk from falling when on play equipment.

All of our experienced installation teams are DBS checked and put risk management and ensuring the safety of the children first and foremost in all we do; especially when installing at schools and nurseries.  Any base undulations are addressed before installing, we apply both a suitable sub-base, but also a granite dust laying course to provide the perfect foundation.

Finally, we know the importance of the grass being safe for children to use, therefore our grasses are free from potentially harmful substances; all our grass ranges have been tested and verified as safe for childrens use.

We know that many schools and nurseries are looking at the application of artificial grass areas as in investment in the schools future, reducing maintenance costs, giving all year round usage, with no mud or mess. What could be better?

If you would like to speak to our Commercial/Education specialist contact us on 0121 716 0001 or by e-mailing us