The growing popularity of Artificial Grass installations across the country is becoming more apparent, least not across the West Midlands as homeowners across the region are embracing this gardening revolution.

We took 10 minutes out of Consumer Grass Managing Director Adam Hughes’s busy day to ask him some questions.

So what is driving the popularity of artificial grass?

At Consumer Grass we think it is a variety of reasons but for many the thought of no more weekends spent mowing, caring and feeding their lawns, is obviously a big motivation. Customers who buy artificial grass from us are typically busy people who want to regain their weekends or retired people who want to take it a bit easier. The product looks so realistic that in a lot of cases the lawn looks even better than real turf.

Is it difficult to install?

We have a great team of installation experts who can do all the necessary groundwork and fitting for you. We are however dealing with a number of customers who have used less than reputable suppliers who haven’t done the correct ground preparation before hand, if we can help a customer in need we will do so.

Artificial grass is very realistic and often looks better than real turfIs the product durable?

The range of Artificial Grasses we install are incredibly durable, they come with a ten year guarantee and the built-in drainage holes mean that any rain just drains away – like it would do with regular turf. It is completely suitable for pets and it can be easily hosed down.

You do however need to ensure you’re buying a quality product. We supply products from the best artificial grass manufacturers in Europe but there is a lot of cheap artificial grass on the market, used by many of our competitors and also available online which customers should definitely be wary about. We are happy to send you samples so you can see the difference. The whole point of installing artificial grass is to remove stress from your life, so really you would want a product that is going to last many, many years and not cause you problems.

What maintenance is required?

Not much to be honest. It depends on how perfect you want your garden to look. If you want to you could brush any leaves off and any marks can be removed with water and a bit of detergent. We do leave you instructions on how best to look after your grass, and our team are always on the end of the phone if you have questions.

Many people ask us does it really look like the real thing?

Absolutely! The technology has developed substantially in the last few years. People are often amazed when we show them the products and the difference between great grass and some of the cheaper alternates. We have plenty of samples which we leave with our customers. We realise some customers will have lots of questions but our team will happily guide anyone through the entire process.

Consumer Grass are proud to be the West Midlands Premier installers of Artificial Grass and Landscaping services across the region, including Solihill, Sutton Coldfield, Bromsgrove and Redditch. Please contact us by calling 0121 716 0001 or by e-mailing us