Get planning your West Midlands home garden for 2021

The garden has to be treated like the other spaces in our home, it is another space of our home that represents us as a family or as people. To make the most of your outside space its time now to start planning. A well planned garden is easier to care for, it saves time and by planning it out you ensure you maximise all the valuable space.

For most homeowners and garden lovers, winter can be a hard time as weather curtails garden activities, so use the winter to plan and then in the new year you can start putting your plans into action.

So here are some of the Garden trends you can start to think about to help transform your garden in 2021.

“Getting the Green Balance”

The ‘green balance’ garden trend is all about being completely relaxed in your own garden. The development of ‘ tranquil spaces’ and characterised by plants and accessories with soft colours and shapes, open planting and shielding from the outside world with a large garden fence. The colour palette mainly consists of pastel, light pink and light and dark green shades.

“Connecting with Nature”

This trend is about our connection with nature and with each other. It reflects characteristics from many different cultures. The colours are mainly tropical, mixed with earthy colours such as brown. The planting is also very pronounced with plants from different parts of the world close together.

“Time to Grow Up”

Last summer London was crowned as the first National Park city, because for all the concrete and tarmac, London is filled with hundreds of bird and insect species, almost nine million trees and nearly half of the urban area is either a green or blue space. As our buildings get higher so do our gardens with the rise of vertical gardens or living walls. They take up less space, use less soil, attract wildlife and they look great ! !

“The New Normal bring changes to how we work – The Garden Office”

With the Covid Pandemic many of us have had our first taste of remote working and companies are realising that with no loss in productivity that in giving their staff the option to work in part from home could be the way forward. During Lockdown is hardly comes as a surprise that Garden Home Office suppliers have reported a huge surge of interest as we looked create more space, albeit for office space, teenage hangouts, home gyms and studios.

“Low-maintenance gardens – Artificial Grass solutions”

There are few things better than the smell of a well manicured freshly cut lawn, however Garden Designers have notices people moving away from wanting large swaths of turf on their properties. Homeowners simply dont want to spend their disposable income on maintaining their lawn, where every single weed, moss patch or imperfection gets highlighted. Googles search trends tell us that more and more people are looking at artificial lawns as a low-maintenance hassle free garden solution as busy lives demand low maintenance across the home. Artificial Grass lawns combined with porcelain paving or composite decking can give an amazing finished garden solution.

Current and future trends and now veering from the traditional path to a more practical garden landscaping solution which closer meet the needs of modern living. To discuss your 2021 Garden projects then contact us at Consumer Grass on 0121 716 0001 or book an appointment here and see what a difference an artificial lawn will make to your West Midlands home.