What to look for when buying Artificial Grass

At Consumer Grass part of our design process is to ensure you fully understand the options available on Artificial Grass and the differences between them. They might all look the same but there are huge differences between the grasses available which will might effect how they can be used in your garden.
This is not a definitive guide that covers everything when you are considering installing an artificial lawn, please speak with one our garden designers, they have samples and technical information but most importantly years of experience of installing the best garden solutions for 1000’s of happy customers.

When comparing grass you need to look for the following:

Pile Height – many believe the ideal pile is circa 30-38mm, which helps keep your lawn looking natural. A shorter pile height might work better if you wanted to place some heavy furniture or decorative items on it. A 20-30mm pile height gives you the look of a lawn which has just been mowed, and combined with the right density gives the resilience to tolerate heavy foot traffic.

Pile Density – this relates to the grass weight per m2 and is dictated by the number of strand fibres over that area. Cheap artificial grass will have a density of around 6000 stitches per meter, whereas our premium grass ranges have a density of over 15000 stitches per meter.

Colour – There are many different colour variations based on the standard green. Better quality grasses have an addition of a brown / dark green fleck to replicate the look of real grass. Remember greens come in various shades, from olive greens, brighter greens and darker greens. The best thing is to speak with your supplier and get samples, then simply lay it in the corner of your lawn and live with it for a few days – see how it looks in the morning, in direct sunlight, in the early evening.

Iceberg Effect – Its what’s underneath which counts. Removing your existing lawn is only the start, at least 75mm of ground should be then removed, then levelled and all weeks, roots and other organic material should be removed before laying a weed membrane and then a sub-base and/or sand in-fill before the grass is put down.

Confidence in your supplier – Please do your research and check out their reviews and then make sure they offer a guarantee – we offer a 10 Year Guarantee on our grass. Look for specialist in Artificial Grass installation, they do it every day so have the experience and knowledge to deliver exactly what you want.

If you are interested in looking at installing an artificial grass lawn in 2022 then contact us today to get FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTATION contact us here or ring us on 0121 716 0001. Our designer will offer you no-obligation advice and a quotation as to how Consumer Grass can help you achieve the garden of your dreams. Consumer Grass work right across the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Coventry, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Worcester, Solihull and Redditch, designing and installing artificial grass and landscaping solutions.