Why Artificial Grass is the right choice for your West Midlands garden

So are you fed up of looking out across your garden for half of the year to see it overgrown, patchy, covered in moss or simply a mud patch! Without doing something about it nothing will change – so we have collated 5 great reasons you should consider installing an Artificial Grass lawn this year.
1. An Investment which will save you money
Firstly Artificial grass is more than a purchase – it’s an investment. Indeed, since you won’t ever have to worry about flooding, watering, mowing, seeding, fertilising or otherwise maintaining your lawn again, you will be saving moneyright from the moment you purchase your brand new lawn for the rest of your days. 
Also what do people look for when property hunting? Really high up on their wish list is a well-kept, beautifully preserved and presentable garden. Curb appeal counts; Artificial grass looks great year round, so if the time ever comes when you decide to sell your house, your gorgeous, lush-green garden will add value to your home, even in the coldest months.
2. A chance to really enjoy the weekends

So when the weather’s hot and the sunny the last thing you want to be doing is breaking your back working on your lawn. English True weather is an unpredictable beast – but, if the last 10-20 years or so are anything to go by, then you can be fairly certain that the hottest time of the year (July and August) are also going to be the wettest. And so, when a dry day does come along, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just get the barbecue out and enjoy it? 

Forget Saturday and Sundays spent mowing the lawn, spraying weeds, fertilizing, aerating, or paying for someone else to do it – an artificial lawn is all play and no work. An artificial lawn requires little maintenance to keep it at is best allowing you more relaxing and enjoying your leisure time.
3. Pet and Child Safe

An artificial lawn is safe for your little ones and their pets – and it’s also safe from them as well. So, not only do you no longer have to worry about allergies and hay fever putting a stop to all the fun, you can also rest assured that your lawn won’t get ruined from even the roughest play. All grass is soft, but there’s no denying that artificial grass has a better density and softness than most lawns out there, especially if you live in a stony area. If your kids or grand kids spend a lot of time outside, they will simply love running and playing on your artificial lawn.

We know animals simply love and adore playing on Artificial Grass lawn, and better still our grass is non-toxic, so you don’t need to worry about your cats or dogs eating it and making themselves ill.

4. Love Being Mud Free with an all year round garden
So imaging having a garden you can use all year round.  No more muddy foot or paw prints, and no more mud being traipsed through the house. And the same goes for impossible-to-remove grass stains on our little ones favourite clothes – summer days are ruined by such things. With artificial grass, there is no mud and there is no (real) grass, and so there are no stains.
5. Instant gratification 
There is nothing else you can do in the garden that offers instant gratification like installing an artificial lawn – feature trees need years, plants need time to grow in, patios usually take days or weeks to install and the painting of fence panels just seems a neverending task. However an artificial lawn can often be installed in a day or two (size depending), and you have a variety of thicknesses and grass finishes to choose from, rather than just green grass!
And you dont’ just need to use it for a lawn! We have installed artificial grass on balconies, roofs, in offices, and even affixed vertically up a wall to create a bespoke garden feature.

So if you are thinking about treating your West Midlands garden to a lovely artificial grass makeover? Simply contact us today on 0121 716 0001 or book an appointment here, for a no-obligation advice and a quotation as to how Consumer Grass can help you achieve the garden of your dreams. Consumer Grass work right across the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Coventry, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Worcester, Solihull and Redditch, designing and installing artificial grass and landscaping solutions.