Artificial Grass demand increases across the West Midlands

Artificial Grass popularity has increased over recent years; as a company we have seen increased demand from home owners for quality artificial lawn installs right across the West Midlands.
“The days where Artificial Grass was simply the domain of sports pitches is long gone” commented Adam Hughes, Consumer Grass’s Managing Director, “I would say commercial installs now make up left than 5% of our projects. It is still an important sector for us, especially in the Schools, and Nursery sectors.”
So with this growth there must be a catalyst for looking at Artificial Grass solutions for peoples outdoor spaces. 
The first reason is simply the ease of maintenance. Artificial Grass lawns require little maintenance to keep them pristine all year round and with the hectic lives we live many professionals and the elderly are looking at Artificial Grass solutions so to avoid spending their precious time mowing, weeding and repairing their lawns. With artificial lawns lasting up to 20 years when maintained and installed correctly it is more cost-effective in the long term to install artificial grass.

The second main reason is the change to the weather and climate over recent years which has resulted in increased challenges in the upkeep of natural grass lawns. The UK weather has become far more extreme with hotter summers and colder and wetter winters. Home owners are looking for an outside living space they can use all year round which has resulted in many looking into Artificial Grass solutions.
Adam addedHaving your lawn installed by Consumer Grass is a lifestyle choice; which not only saves money and precious resources, but also allows more free time for our customers for the important things in life. Your garden can become a place of tranquility, or a hub of entertainment, but either way one of lush green wonder!”
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